To the Editor,

Alexander Drive in Waxahachie is a beautiful area with nice homes and large trees. However, Alexander is full of cracks, potholes, undulating areas caused by land settling, and at street intersections you must slow to a crawl or get thrown out of your car.

If you want to check your car shocks, drive down Alexander. I have friends that go out of the way to avoid driving down our street. Fortunately I live near the end of the street and my close neighbors and I usually take Clark Street to Brown and get to downtown without having to travel up Alexander to U.S. 77 to go downtown.

We pay infrastructure taxes to build new housing additions with wide concrete streets. Yet City Hall resurfaces our older streets every few years with asphalt, no concrete. It is time that City Hall looks carefully at all its older streets for resurfacing. I encourage my friends and neighbors on Alexander Drive to write me with their name, address and telephone numbers if they feel the same and would be willing to sign a Petition in support.

James W. Hightower,