OVILLA – A recent Ovilla Town Hall meeting focused on what the future of the city and the city’s comprehensive land use plan should look like.

Ovilla City Manager Dennis Burn said about 15 residents spoke at the meeting. John Knight, comprehensive land use plan committee chairman started the meeting with a briefing on the plan and current Ovilla planning map.

Citizens were invited to express what they would like to see in Ovilla. There was a general consensus, according to city council member David Griffin, that the citizens want to see, “Ovilla basically remain Ovilla with more rural character than tremendous growth,” Griffin said.

The issue of custom, quantity and quality homes along with more types of businesses was also a main theme, and Griffin said some expressed the need for more green areas and road construction.

“Most citizens agreed they did not want large scale industrial businesses,” Griffin explained. “Overall, I think it was a successful event with many of the 75 citizens in attendance giving their comments to the CLUP committee to help guide the committee as they do their work on the land use plan. We thank those citizens who took their time to come out and participate including the committee members.”

He believes the city council members and city staff would encourage even more of Ovillas’ citizens to turn out for these meetings so that there is a clear mandate from the majority of the citizens for the future of Ovilla, Griffin said.

“In reference to the smaller businesses wanted, we are pleased to see a new Golden Chicken coming soon to Ovilla,” Griffin concluded. “Ovilla will grow and with dedicated citizen involvement we will ensure that it grows in an organized fashion with quality growth, versus a free for all like some cities have experienced.”

Burn said the next land use meeting will be held within the next few months.