To the Editor,

I am writing concerning the character of Wess Winn I have only had the opportunity to know Wess and his incredible family for a year. Some may think that is not long enough to make a knowledgeable character reference and in most cases I would agree. However; I have been able to witness Wess in so many different environments in this year that I do believe I have seen who he really is.

First off I have witnessed him as a community man. He is such an ardent supporter of all things Waxahachie. He truly wants to see all programs do well and produce the next generation of leaders for Ellis County. I witness this by his involvement in sports, fine arts and academic endeavors. I have had the opportunity to engage him in discussions about how to develop the character of the young men and women in our community, to which I have been able to adapt some of my own methods.

I have witnessed him in his role as a newly elected school board member and the well thought out responses and opinions and respect he has for the position he holds as well as the respect for other board members, superintendent and others. The responsibility he feels and the seriousness he takes his role as one who has a say in the future of WISD. I have witnessed him in his role as a well respected officer in this community, a family man and a loyal friend to many.

Again, while many may say a year is not enough time to make a knowledgeable character judgment I disagree. You see, being the new coach in a small community allows you to hear many opinions. Well first off, I haven’t come across anyone who has had a negative opinion of Wess Winn, and in this community if someone has an opinion they are not shy about sharing them. More than that though, I would like to say that Wess Winn himself has not engaged in negative opinions of others to me. Quite the opposite, he is able to find positives about everyone. In one year, I consider myself blessed to call Wess Winn a friend, colleague and confidant.

Jon Kitna,