Vandals have damaged the Finley Junior High School greenhouse for a fifth time in six months. The Waxahachie Police Department is seeking information from the public about the latest as well as the previous offenses.

Lt. Todd Woodruff, head of the Waxahachie Police Department’s criminal investigation division, stated that the most recent offense occurred between Dec. 18-21.

“The actor knocked out greenhouse windows and painted some graffiti on the school building: ‘F---,’ ‘MS13’ and ‘666,’ along with an inverted cross. Some of the security cams were also stolen,” Woodruff stated in an email. “New graffiti was also discovered and reported on Dec. 26 on the building, dumpster and picnic tables.”

The Waxahachie Independent School District security staff is reviewing video from some of the other cameras on the property to see if anything was captured, Woodruff said.

The greenhouse was intended to help teachers at Finley bring real life science into the classrooms, and engage students with inquiry-based learning for the junior high, which holds sixth through eighth grade students, said science teacher Brandi Domkowski in a previous Daily Light article.

The first vandalism incident took place in early July. The greenhouse was just about a month away from being dedicated to the school’s former principal, but instead, students, staff and volunteers had to rebuild through donations from local businesses as well others across the country.

Members of the junior high’s Parent-Teacher Organization discovered the second incident shortly after the school day ended on Oct. 12. At the time of discovery, the person was going to water some of the plants and noticed windows and planters and pots had been smashed again, despite the fact that the area on the back side of the campus is surrounded by a brick wall and both entry gates remain padlocked, according to a pervious Daily Light article.

The third incident took place on Oct. 24. Two people were captured on surveillance video, after new cameras were installed.

Officers believe the two know something about the vandalism committed at the school, Woodruff said at the time the two people were caught on tape.

Anyone with information about the offense is asked to contact the Waxahachie Police Department 469-309-4400. The police department is located at 216 N. College St. in downtown.

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