With the new year fast approaching, so is the election cycle of 2016. From important local races to the biggest general election of our lifetime, we intend to provide you with as much information as possible. With so much on the line, there’s no better time for new, authentic leaders to step up where needed and serve the people of this city, county and country.

One role of a media company is to do a sound job of interviewing, understanding and reporting on all forthcoming candidates in races that affect you. The newsroom will be abuzz given the number of candidates running and, with the talent in our newsroom, will no doubt do an extraordinary job in providing you with facts, figures and data to help you choose the candidate of your preference. From that perspective, we don’t have a dog in the hunt as it were. A newsroom’s job is to simply dig in, develop information necessary for in-depth stories and then share it with you. It’s a responsibility we hold dear.

That said, it’s also the role of a news outlet to share with you, when the time is right, its opinion as to who is best suited to represent his or her constituents in the most effective way. You then can give whatever weight you’d like with respect to those choice of candidates. It’s a tenet of ours that we take serious and with significant consideration. Of course, in doing so, some of you will agree and then there are those of you who won’t. We’ll give you plenty of reason as to why we feel the way we do and, in the process, hopefully give you cause for thoughtful deliberation. Often times, voters cast votes based on soundbites rather than in-depth knowledge of candidates and the principles upon which they stand. That’s particularly true of the soundbite society in which we live. Our intent is to offset that tendency by providing substantive, informative content and opinions.

This is the time for fewer politicians and more real servants who put doing a great job ahead of playing games, throwing tantrums and launching endless, unnecessary attacks on others. It’s also time for loud mouths to give way to measured temperament and unabated commitment and for Rambo wannabes to be replaced with genuine folks who care about their words and actions. It’s time for those espousing conservative principles to be conservative and for those who believe in the more progressive approach to tell us all about it. Just as on a national scale, small town America has the nagging problems associated with those in office drunk on their own perceived cache of power and who think it’s all about them. Unfortunately, we have that element in Ellis County although there really isn’t a need or place for it. Meeting the needs of the people comes first and anything that gets in the way should be rejected. We don’t need politicians in Ellis County, we need servants.

Primary election day is March 1 – less than 75 days away. Once the holidays have passed, the activity will begin in earnest and so will the need for all of us to be well-informed about who is running and why. My desire is for us to be the source you go to as you seek information about all the candidates. I can assure you we will work hard to earn that privilege. Ellis County is a special place in this country — one deserving of the best leadership out there. In digging deep, we hope to enable you to discover those among us who can and will achieve such a significant, honorable position of public service.

Let’s make 2016 a year to remember.


Scott Brooks serves as the publisher of the Waxahachie Daily Light. Contact Scott at 469-517-1440 or by email at sbrooks@waxahachietx.com. Follow Scott on Twitter: @ScottBrooks1405.