To the Editor,

In response to the letter regarding biosolids, apparently you live in town. I am surrounded by the fields that use bio waste. The stench when you walk outside literally brings bile up in my throat. My house on the inside eventually starts smelling like the outside and for some reason every time — and I mean every time —both my kids get extremely sick.

The owner of the land doesn’t even live in the vicinity and does not have to suffer the consequences of the smell. Convenient for him!

So yes, there maybe “dirty air” as you call it all around us, but this dirty air affects me and my family and I will fight it all the way. When it start up again I’ll be sure to invite you for dinner so you can have the “pleasure” of experiencing the smell yourself.

And while you say it’s a stab in the back to the land owner for his rights – what about my land owner’s rights? I’ve lived here longer than the sludge has been used. With the owner not living in the area, he is stabbing me in the back and leaving me hanging. The smell doesn’t go away once it’s dry – no it lingers even up to two years! On damp days it can some back with a vengeance.

I’m not even going to broach the subject of what is in the sludge. That is a whole other argument.

But until you have experienced what we have out here, don’t belittle anyone who tries to stop this, whether it be through complaining about the contents or the smell.

Lisa Garcia,