To the Editor,

You know, one of the great things about living here in Ellis county is the spirit of its people. When you meet someone, usually they are friendly and show concern for you and your well being before that of their own. This became very evident to me within the past week. And I rejoice in the knowledge that it was given without condition, without any need for reciprocation attached and genuinely from the heart. I am humbled in its presence.

We all have, thankfully, a chance to show this spirit as a community, as a county, as a people. We are different by religion, by politics, by race if we choose to use that. But I know from experience, from conversation and face to face meetings that when the need for us to unite for the common good, we do not hesitate to show that spirit, that trait we all share, that of human kindness.

Recent events have many of us dwelling in fear and uncertainty. We blame this on things that we can’t control or other people we don’t know. Yet nothing can cause you to have these feelings unless you open the door and invite them in. We seek validity by trying to force this negativity through the doors of our neighbors. And that is below us. And our faiths.

Well beyond the elected official shouting out hatred and racism disguised as public safety, beyond the congressman using children as pawns in pushing his political agenda, far beyond the local law enforcement official berating a county judge, and in spite of the blatant fascism of those on a national stage lies the goodness of the people of Ellis County, this kindness.

Many years ago, there was a situation that because of kindness went on to change the world for the better. No conditions given. No concerns of future fallout, no questions of why, what if, or how come. Just a single act of kindness.

The situation of these children has been thrust upon us. Justly or unjustly, that is a subject for future debate. Fact is they are here among us. Our local government officials have done a great job under duress to ensure our safety and to provide us all with the information we need to form intelligent opinions. Kudos to all.

Now, how do we proceed? These are children away from their families at a time they should be with them. How and why they are not a moot point at this time. Fact is they will be spending Christmas with us. We can shut our hearts and lock our doors while clutching our guns waiting for an excuse to justify our hatred or we can exemplify to them and the rest of America just what we are made of by sharing that spirit, that kindness that was shown to me some five short days ago using courage, armed only with our faiths and the content of our hearts.

This is Christmas. Please share what you feel. For me,it will be what was given to me in abundance. The spirit of Ellis County, something I will spend the remainder of my time among you trying to give back.

Please help our visitors any way you can. Merry Christmas.

Alan Fox,