WHS Lady Indians volleyball player Fayth Hunt

EDITOR’S NOTE: To help celebrate Waxahachie ISD athletes who are following the R.E.A.L. Leader philosophy brought in by Indians head football coach Jon Kitna and adopted by athletic director Greg Reed, Waxahachie athletic coaches have picked top athletes who exhibit the ability to Reject passivity, Empathize with others, Accept responsibility and Lead courageously.

A R.E.A.L. Leader Q&A will appear in the Daily Light sports section each week’s Sunday Sports Extra, allowing coaches from all sports to share and brag about their stand-up players. This week, Lady Indians freshmen volleyball head coach Dana Scott recognizes freshmen player Fayth Hunt, a young woman who has lived in Waxahachie her entire life. She considers her father, and her cousin Destin Lott, role models because they taught her to be a leader and not a follower.

Coach Scott, you recognized Hunt was a R.E.A.L. Leader for the week. What did this leader do that stood out to you and what made you choose her as a R.E.A.L Leader?


Scott: I let the team vote on the athlete to represent our freshman volleyball team. They selected Fayth because she is a natural leader who leads by example with her positive attitude and work ethic.


How does this player live the four pillars of being a R.E.AL. Leader?


Scott: She is a great teammate, encouraging and respectful to everyone.


The R.E.A.L. Leaders philosophy is based on the idea it takes a village to change a culture. How does Hunt promote a positive culture inside the locker room and in the community, and encourage her peers to do the same?


Scott: Fayth always has a great attitude and always looks to help others.


In adulthood, accountability is a key component. How does Hunt best personify that value to promote success in the classroom, in sporting events and in life?


Scott: I have Fayth in Pre-AP English. She works as hard in the classroom as she does on the volleyball court.


What is one characteristic that Hunt believes every leader should possess?


Scott: She values hard work. She truly believes if you lead by example, others will want to work hard too. Destin, who has become successful in the sport of volleyball because of her hard work, is only a few years older than Fayth and is a great teacher and motivator for her.


What has been the impact of Hunt’s attitude on the team’s success?


Scott: Although it was very frustrating to not get to play the position she wanted at the beginning of the year, she put her team above her own personal goals and learned a new position. She was smart enough to know learning a new position would give him a better understanding of the overall offense. She accepted her new role and has run with the leadership role in the process.