To the Editor,

I am truly saddened to hear of Dr. Michael Gilbreath’s passing. Veterinarians are very special people who serve a very special purpose in our world. Those who adore their fur-children beyond words, as I do, know what I mean.

I can’t say that I ever met Dr. Gilbreath in person, nor were my pets his patients as I’ve been with my hometown veterinarian for decades now. Still, Dr. Gilbreath touched my life in the late summer 2014 after my Devon dog passed away at my home here in Waxahachie after a long fight with diabetes. Dr. Gilbreath’s staff so graciously – and so very kindly – assisted me with connecting to the crematory service his practice works with for pets that have passed.

Devon was not Dr. Gilbreath’s patient, but I later received a letter of condolence from Texas A&M veterinary research saying that he had made a donation in my Devon’s name. Not only are staff members a reflection of their bosses, but also what a measure of this man and his generous spirit that he would personally seek to bring some brightness after the loss of my beloved Devon. It was such a caring gesture to an owner he’d not met and for a pet he’d not treated.

My eyes are full of tears as I write this. I am so very sorry for his loss and extend all of my condolences to his family and his staff. I can only imagine the wagging of tails and excited barks and meows of recognition there by the Rainbow Bridge.

Jo Ann Livingston,