To the Editor,

Night parade? Far out!

Parade of lights? I can dig it!

New Route? I’m hip!

Tuesday night? What you talking about,Willis?

The Christmas Parade coming up was changed this year. A lot of work and planning was done by a lot of very civic minded individuals who are dedicated to improving the quality of our fair city. They deserve our thanks and our participation both as participants and spectators in the events they work so diligently on. Kudos to them for doing so.

Yet it is of my opinion that they missed the mark by having the parade on a Tuesday night. It will be a school night as well as a regular work day. The majority of our citizens are hard working people that have regular jobs and are doing their best to pay the bills, meet the mortgage and feed their children. The parade, traditionally being on a Saturday morning allowed them to attend without the hassle of trying to get home, feed the family and then fighting the traffic to get home to bed. A Tuesday evening parade at 6 p.m. will also bring into play the evening traffic along a major thoroughfare.

I contacted the organizers and was told that a Friday or Saturday night would interfere with other holiday events. That is true. Even though those events are on multiple nights whereas the Christmas Parade is not. We are lucky as a town to have that problem.

My main concern is that many of our citizens that attend the parade do so as a way to show their children what a great parade looks like. It is an easy way for them to celebrate the holiday as a part of Waxahachie without any time or logistic constraints. It just fits into their busy lives. It is they that I feel will miss out this year. I sure hope I am wrong.

Now I will be a participant again this year in the parade as in years past and I will be doing my best to make the parade a success. It is something that I enjoy doing to give back to this wonderful town. I am not saying that because the parade being on a different day it will not be as good as before. Nor am I criticizing the organizers for changing things up. Their efforts are of a positive nature. I am pretty stoked by the addition of lights and am sure that many smiles will be on the faces of the crowd as I pass them. I encourage all my townsfolk to attend and celebrate as we always have. If you can help others having difficulty attending or needing help with their children, please do so. Let us make this the best parade ever!

We are a great town with a lot of people working real hard to keep it that way for every single person who calls it home. Let us remember that is the reason we do such things.

I may be a bit premature but Merry Christmas.

Alan Fox,