Oma's Jiffy Burger staff are coming to the rescue of a Waxahachie firefighter's family.

With the restaurant's close proximity to the downtown fire station on Water Street, the staff have formed a relationship with firefighters working there. When Oma’s staff member Roxana Quilimaco found out that Pump Engineer Billy Vest’s wife Kim was having medical issues during her pregnancy, Quilimaco began to set up a bake sale to aid the family. The bake took place 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Saturday at the restaurant located at 403 Water St. in Waxahachie. Those who couldn't attend the bake sale can stop by the restaurant and make a donation throughout the next week.

“I know Billy by coming in here. We got to know him by coming in here and ordering food from us,” Quilimaco said. “He is very sweet and very friendly. He helps out whoever needs help. That is pretty much why we want to return a favor of helping them out when they are in need of help right now.”

Prior to the birth, Billy took three months off from the fire department and relocated his family temporarily to Houston so Kim could receive medical care. With only two weeks in Houston, Billy’s son Fischer was born at 28 weeks on Oct. 20 at Texas Children’s Hospital. He weighed 3 pounds, 7 ounces.

“The doctors are amazed by the whole thing. Her condition, she could have hemorrhaged so easily. That morning, they took the baby first and she just stayed in surgery for six more hours,” Billy said. “She ended up having a hysterectomy. She had less bleeding than a regular C-section would have, which is a miracle.”

Kim was diagnosed with placenta percreta. According to the Mayo Clinic website, placenta percreta is a serious pregnancy condition where the placenta invades the muscles of the uterus or grows through the uterine wall.

Both Kim and Fischer are recovering well, Billy said. The baby will remain at the hospital until December. The hospital has facilities that will allow Kim to stay and watch over the baby and it means a lot that members of the community have come together to help his family, he said.

“It is hard for me to be on this end of it. We have money to make it month to month. I am not worried about that. But my wife is like, 'the bills are going to come in' and I was like 'I didn’t think about that.' I am just thinking about getting through this month and the next month,” Billy said. “To be on the receiving end and to see that (bake sale) on Facebook, I didn’t know that it was happening. Man, it is pretty awesome. That means a lot. We do so much for the community, but you never think that you are going to be on the other end of it.”

Billy has worked with the Waxahachie Fire Department for the past 10 years.

Since the birth, the hospital is prohibiting any children 12 years and under from visiting because of concerns over the flu season.

“What is going to happen is that me and the four kids are going to be staying here during the week because we homeschool and on the weekends, we're going back to Houston,” Billy said. “They have not been able to see the baby or Kim since she had the baby last week. I don’t know when they are going to be able to see her,” he said.

It has been difficult for not only him but for his children as well, he said. They have only talked with their mother through video chat.

“It is adjustment for them, too. When we were there (Houston) they were in a little bitty apartment,” Billy said. “They just don’t know what is going on from one minute to the next. It is just chaotic for them.”

Capt. Jerry Sykes works along side Billy and said he is a good guy with a good heart. He wanted to encourage the community to come out and support the family Saturday.

“Well, Roxana, over at Oma’s, approached me the middle of last week wanting to do something. She said that they were going to have a bake sale in front of the burger shack on Oct. 31," Sykes said. “We had a few guys whose wives were going to bake. Several of them are going to help.”


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