At no prior point in my lifetime has there been the kind of pressure on the American people to curtail honoring, worshipping and praying to the God of this universe as there is now. While I suppose we shouldn’t be all that surprised given the immorality running loose in D.C. – a place where societal decline typically originates, we shouldn’t just sit here and take it.

I’ve shared with you before my belief that the “fish rots from the head down” and that you don’t have to look far to see the decay anymore. It used to be that you’d have to look at Hollywood, Washington, D.C. or in some notorious crevice under some big city lights, but never has it been as prevalent on most main streets as it is now. Just this past week, a school district superintendent in the state of Washington suspended, and is threatening to fire, a football coach for praying after a game … alone or with any player that wants to join him. “While on duty for the District as an assistant coach, you may not engage in demonstrative religious activity, readily observable to students and the attending public,” Bremerton School District Superintendent Aaron Leavell said. As such, the coach ostensibly cannot bow his head, take a knee, raise his hands or perform any other act that may lead those watching to believe he is praying. If he does, he faces termination.

According to Mr. Leavell, a guy obviously drunk on political correctness and obnoxious power, a coach responsible for teaching young men to play a game on the field while at the same time teaching them to succeed at life’s even tougher game, cannot pray publicly. It’s twisted, distorted and wrong on every level and the coach, as he has vowed to do, should fight it on every level. This is how a country eats its soul from the inside out and Christians throughout America ought to know about it. Thankfully, this is Texas – a place where morals matter, the bible is read, God is alive and where we don’t cowardly back down from a battle worth winning. And, while we don’t have a superintendent or an ISD administration with such offensive inclinations, we cannot become numb to this kind of draconian garbage no matter where it’s happening. We just can’t. In a country where a transgendered guy and former Olympian is being considered as a magazine’s “woman” of the year, where a Muslim kid is celebrated for making a clock look like a bomb thereby causing all kinds of needless fear, where a president and a congress lie with impunity, but where a Christian coach can’t pray in front of people, we desperately need the very God to whom he’s praying.

I’m reminded of those courageous people who, at the hands of a madman in Oregon earlier this month, made the declaration that they were Christians and who, because of that claim, were killed in the coldest of blood. Their actions make the choice of this football coach rather safe in comparison, but when it comes to the sharing of our faith, we should do so regardless of the threat. Easy to write and to read, yes, but no one on any level of government in this country should ever be able to determine who we worship, when we worship or how we worship.

So, I say pray your heart out coach and if one of your players joins you, so be it. Should you lose your job as a result, I’m betting there’s a coaching job elsewhere just waiting for you. Matter of fact, I know a few coaches who’d love to have your spirit of conviction and passion for God. They’re teaching young men every day how to be extraordinary and are doing so with an unabated faith in the God you love. This is a country founded on God and, regardless of the attempts to stop it, that isn’t going to change.

As for me and what I hope are thousands of readers of this newspaper, when it’s time to pray, we’ll meet you on the fifty.


Scott Brooks serves as the publisher of the Waxahachie Daily Light. Contact Scott at 469-517-1440 or by email at Follow Scott on Twitter: @ScottBrooks1405