EDITOR’S NOTE: With Halloween just a day away, we’re running a ghost story for each day of publication. The stories were submitted through the Daily Light’s Facebook page as part of a contest on Oct. 12 to win State Fair of Texas tickets. We are publishing the best six submitted, and on Friday, we will share the contest winner’s story. The winner was announced Oct. 15.


By Monica Salazar

Daily Light Facebook Fan

My husband, son and I were moving back to Texas from the California military base, so we drove the whole way.

Well, we had a bad experience in New Mexico, got the problem fixed and hit the road again.

We decided to stop and get gas in Van Horn. As soon as we paid for the gas, our car doesn’t want to start, so we have to push it into a parking spot and call family hours away.

It started getting dark and we were running a little low on funds, so we had to find a place to sleep since we had a 2-year-old and it was very hot outside (summer time).

We began walking in this — what seemed spooky to me — town we have never been to and found a hotel for the night. As we are walking, I felt like someone was beside me the whole time and I kept telling my husband, who knows I’m paranoid and that I was scared. We were walking and not talking, and we both heard someone walking beside us.

So we start looking around and there’s no one there. Just a dark road, trees and railroad tracks. We even stopped to see if maybe it was us, but we could still hear it.

After all the chaos, we finally get a ride home and we told people about what happened. We were told that town was haunted and that lots of people break down at the same exact gas station!

If I ever go to California again, I will be sure to stay away from that town!


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