Inspiration is the word that comes to mind when you watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s latest film “The Walk.” This film shows people that no dream is too big and anything can be accomplished with the support of family and friends.

The story centers on French high-wire artist Philippe Petit (Gordon-Levitt) who works as a street performer in Paris. Petit works hard to find new ways to connect with his audience and develop his talent. During a trip to the dentist, Petit realizes his dream.

While reading a magazine in the waiting room, he sees a picture of the World Trade Center under construction in New York. He sees the space between the two towers as the perfect place to string his high wire. From that point on, he recruits a team of people to help him make this dream a reality.

The story of “The Walk” is beautifully told and delivered to the audience in a great package. During several parts of the film, Petit shares feelings about his dream while acting as a narrator. This helps to set the mood and tone of several scenes. It also provides a deep look into what motivates Petit and what his passions are in life. Sometimes having a narrator can slow the pace of a film down, removing the audience completely from the story . That is not true here. As Petit learns while developing his craft, the audience is an important part of the performance and not forgotten about.

One of the most compelling scenes in the film is when Petit first goes to the World Trade Center to scout out the location for his wire. He goes out on the roof of one of the towers and stands on a steel beam that reaches out into the expanse.

As he is standing on the beam, Petit says “I find myself standing on the island, floating in mid-air on the edge of the void. Of course, I find myself looking across at the opposite tower, but then I have to dare myself to look down.” After making this comment, Petit realizes how big his dream is and what will be involved to make it happen. Still despite those large odds, he does not back down.

Petit even says he is fearful of the task ahead, but will still do it. That is truly inspiring because the things in life that worth reaching for are the things you have to work the hardest to achieve. Later on in the film, when asked about his dream and why his doing this, Petit responds by saying “People ask me ‘Why do you risk death?’ For me, this is life.”

Gordon-Levitt has really taken on more and more challenging roles throughout the years, turning out great performances. His latest role as Petit shows Gordon-Levitt has reached the next level in his acting career and it's worth looking forward to what he does next.

Along with the story, the cinematography is amazing. The way the filmmakers recreated Petit’s walk between the two towers put the audience right on the high wire with him. To get the full experience of the film, see it in 3D, which makes the visual aspect of this story come to life even more.

“The Walk” is a truly unique story and should not be missed. Go see it before it no longer runs in theaters. This film is rated PG for thematic elements involving perilous situations, and for some nudity, language, brief drug references and smoking.

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