While the community buzz seemed focused on the Homecoming parade, the Waxahachie High School Interact Club was busy taking care of their own.

During the hours after school last week, 53 Interact volunteers crafted Homecoming mums and garters for WHS Life Skills classes. Through donations from the volleyball team and WHS staff members, 22 mums and garters took their form.

“It felt nice being able to give back to our fellow classmates and knowing how excited they would be when they get their mums,” said Paloma Rojas, senior at WHS.

Life Skills students received their mums and garters from a team of Interact officers, volleyball captains and football players. Before the delivery, thestudents in Life Skills were asked to close their eyes. When they opened them, the mums met their surprised faces. One girl was so excited that she had tears in her eyes.

“There was so much excitement in the air when we went to their classroom. Some of the students didn’t want to let go of their mums. I felt honored to make them so happy,” said Riley Mickley, the Interact Vice President.

“Mums for Emily,” began six years ago by former Interact presidents Max Mills and Marisa Price. Mills and Price decided to break from tradition and use the money they would have spent on Homecoming to give back to those that might have not been able to afford a mum or garter. The project has grown throughout the years, becoming a WHS Interact Club tradition.

“As Interact sponsors, this is probably one of the most inspiring projects we participate in. I know it is important to our club. Our own students and our staff look forward to it every year.” said Megan Mills, Interact sponsor.