Not sure about you, but I’m tired of hearing the phrase “black lives matter.” None of us should have to be told that black lives matter anymore than we have to be told that all lives matter. Of course, black lives matter.


Considering how we got to a point of it even being a topic necessary of debate, one needs not look any further than the culture created by a morally bankrupt president. The fish does indeed rot from the head down and there’s no better example of that in this country than the nonsense of having a qualifier about which lives matter. We’re at this point in America, in large part, because of the divisiveness and societal fracturing coming out of the White House. Obama has gone out of his way to defend, support, promote and glorify young men who, by their own conduct, lost their lives at the hands of police officers. Obama has gone to the funerals, visited the families and attended the memorials of criminals who essentially caused their own demise. He‘s even referred to one of them as the son he doesn’t have. Oh really? Contrast those actions with the deafening silence given to the families of two young journalists in Virginia, a sheriff’s deputy in Houston and a police officer in Chicago killed in cold blood in the past two weeks alone. What one doesn’t say is often louder than that which is said and that same silence most assuredly tells us all we need to know about Obama … in case we didn’t already know.

The same “black lives matter” horde that seems so intent on broadcasting its rather obvious enunciation is the same horde walking the streets of some cities chanting “pigs in the blanket, fry ‘em in a pan.” Yes, you read that right. If it weren’t so shameful, it’d be laughable. The majority of police officers here, and throughout all of Ellis County, are some of the bravest people among us. Yes, there have been cases of rogue officers in the county but those few should not stain all police officers as bad. At a time when a routine traffic stop is anything but routine, we need to support those committed to protecting us. Shooting a cop in the head at a gas station is as bad as it gets. And, a president who has neither the character nor the courage to strongly and forcefully denounce it publicly is as bad of a president as it gets. Obama’s silence in times like these is reprehensible.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of our police officers. In every case, I’ve come away believing each of them is a quality public servant with laudable passion. Imagine any society without the police. Anarchy wouldn’t come close to describing the chaos and killings would be commonplace. These men and women, unlike at any other time in our societal history, need us. They need our encouragement, our support, our appreciation and, frankly, our love. After all, when people find themselves in situations where none of those attributes exist but rather fear, abandonment and violence do, the police are usually the first on the scene.

So, let’s not wait another day to tell the special men and women behind the badge that we care and appreciate their service and protection. And, let’s not rely on some rudimentary slogan or chant to declare that all lives matter.

In America, and across this world, every life must matter … especially those willing to give theirs for ours.         

Scott Brooks serves as the publisher of the Waxahachie Daily Light. Contact Scott at 469-517-1440 or by email at Follow Scott on Twitter: @ScottBrooks1405