The Farm Girls have been setting up the fall schedule and we are excited to offer both free and pay classes.  Please RSVP to attend these classes at Farm Girls Market 3708 North Highway 77, Waxahachie, Texas.  Call 214-497-3918

Monday, Sept. 14

 10 a.m.  — Bulb Planting in Texas (free)

 6:45 p.m.  — Fall Vegetable Gardening (free)

Thursday, Sept. 17

10 a.m.  — Apple Butter Canning Class ($35)

This past week, like kids in a candy shop we purchased fall gardening seeds from the bulk seed collection at Boyce Feed and Grain.  

We love scooping up the seed and packaging our own. This is a way to select the amount needed large or small  at a reasonable price. My fall gardening selection was Danver 126 carrots, Bloomsdale Long Spinach, Purple Globe Turnip, Siberian Red Kale, Southern Georgia Collards, Purple Top Rutabaga, Detroit Red Beets and Salad Mix.  

We will be adding radishes, kolrabi, more varieties of lettuce, Swiss chard, cabbage.

Garlic bulbs and dill seed are planted in September and October anticipating the spring harvest.  

We will be amending our gardens with some mushroom compost and some FarmGirls Freshly Brewed Compost Tea before planting.  

We are cutting back the yellow and browning leaves of our tomatoes and will add tomato and pepper food to both our tomatoes and our peppers.  The eggplant is rebounding.  Watermelon and cantaloupe are still producing in some gardens.

Visited the Rusty Mill Farms garden this past week and took a picture of Danny who grew some giant 10 foot okra.  

We chuckled as he showed us how he has to gently bend the stalk to gather his fall okra harvest.   

We also, recently visited Cindy Smith’s Ovilla fall garden and was pleased to see that her cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and peppers had not just survived the heat but the plants had rallied and were producing.  And yes, we did pick a handful of plump, juicy yellow pear tomatoes and enjoyed the fall flavor.

Donelle and I love to fall garden. Fall planting starts in the hot season but gardeners can look forward to declining temperature, fewer pests and bountiful harvest in the extended growing season here in North Central Texas.  

Weather conditions do vary but we have had harvest of greens until mid- February.  

We are expecting a grand season this year.

Making friends over the garden gate.


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