(NewsUSA) - Summer is winding down, and it's time to pack away the flip-flops and the Hawaiian T-shirt and pull out those fancy-toed shoes for an autumn of accomplishments ahead.

But why stop there? Dressing the part is only a starting point. To appear truly sophisticated this season, check out today's tips.

Stay ahead of the game

Whether it's the upcoming weekly meeting at work or a weekend party, sophistication begins with just a little research. Appear ahead of the curve when you plan your day the day before, noting the who, what, when and where for whatever event is up on tomorrow's calendar. Want to really knock the ball out of the park? Go to your appointment five minutes early.

Take a gift

No, it's not required. But nothing says class like someone who arrives on the scene with a bottle of wine, a seasonal candle or even just a plate of homemade cookies. A small, subtle gift for a host can go a long way in establishing that sophisticated image you desire.

Put the pen to work

Pull out that box of thank-you cards you stashed in your bottom desk drawer. Emails are nice, but they're also used every day for everything. A thank-you card has one purpose: to make someone feel appreciated. Take note of the important people in your life that deserve a special shoutout. Add you own scrawling penmanship and a postage stamp, and you're bound to earn at least a few sophistication points for being kind and considerate.

Utilize the Internet

Knowing your facts, whether it's this morning's news or a few details about your favorite 18th century artist, gives you something to talk about in any social circumstance, helping you appear more approachable and knowledgeable. Get in the habit of using the resources around you, such as the Internet, to glean fast facts, fun tidbits and major headlines.


For smokeless tobacco users, a product that allows you to discreetly do your thing without disturbing the party is essential for becoming a class act.

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