(NAPSI)—As part of an overall initiative to support U.S. manufacturers, Walmart is joining forces with the noted supplier-discovery and product-sourcing platform, ThomasNet.com.

Walmart has committed to investing $250 billion in products that will support American jobs by 2023. It’s buying more products from U.S. companies to sell in its stores, and helping businesses reshore their overseas production. Based on data from Boston Consulting Group, it is estimated that 1 million new U.S. jobs will be created through these efforts.

Problem—And Solution

But for U.S. companies that are selling through Walmart, this program presents both an opportunity and a challenge. Many of them want their products to be completely American made but they are having a hard time finding U.S. sources of supply. That’s where ThomasNet.com comes in. A special corporate edition of the platform—USA.ThomasNet.com—gives them immediate access to over 500,000 potential partners, all based in the U.S.

“As a proud supporter of U.S. manufacturing for over 100 years, we were honored when Walmart asked us to join its domestic manufacturing initiative,” said Tom Greco, vice president of ThomasNet. “Our Corporate Edition of ThomasNet.com was designed exclusively for Walmart to offer its suppliers immediate access to over half a million U.S. manufacturers of products, components and custom services.”

Cindi Marsiglio, vice president, U.S. Sourcing and Manufacturing for Walmart, announced the news during Walmart’s 2015 Manufacturing Summit for more than 2,000 current and prospective Walmart vendors. “If you’re looking for a product, a component part, a raw material in the U.S., ThomasNet is a great place to help you,” she told these companies.

An “American Classic” for More than 100 Years

For over a century, ThomasNet has used its large resource of North American manufacturers to bring buyers and suppliers together. Its “big green books”—the Thomas Register—were considered indispensable to business buyers and engineers. During the last 20 years, ThomasNet has migrated this information to the Internet, which gives new capabilities to buyers representing corporations, government agencies, the military, institutions and small businesses. These users can find thousands of catalogs, millions of 2-D/3-D CAD models and drawings, and hundreds of thousands of companies on the platform, searchable by more than 67,000 product/service categories.

They can also use Thomas Net.com to solve a variety of challenges—such as meeting supplier diversity goals, identifying capable local job shops, finding companies with quality certifications, and getting competitive pricing on off-the-shelf products.

Exclusive Features

The new Corporate Edition goes a step further. It offers all the capabilities of ThomasNet.com, along with special features and services for companies selling through Walmart. For example, when a Walmart vendor sends a Request for Proposal (RFP) to a potential supplier, ThomasNet will follow up to make sure that the company received it, and help expedite communications. Companies can also add their approved suppliers to the platform, and invite an unlimited number of manufacturers to reply to a single RFP.

Learn More

For further information about the special Corporate Edition created for Walmart vendors, see USA.ThomasNet.com.

For more information about the “original” edition, or to start using this free resource, go to www.ThomasNet.com.


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