(NAPSI)—So long, sweet summer, school is back in session! We’re trading our beach bags for backpacks and getting back into our fall routines of afterschool sports practice, band lessons, dance class and, of course, homework. To help ease the transition from summer fun to back-to-school and get your kids excited about learning at home, check out these fun and easy DIY projects from Krylon®.

“Brag” Board

Turn an old bulletin board into a magnetic reward board that will have your kids on their best behavior for those gold stars.

1. Remove any attached hardware with a screwdriver or other tool as needed.

2. Turn the bulletin board over and remove the backing.

3. Give your board a pop of color by spray painting it your child’s favorite color (Krylon’s COVERMAXX™ fast-drying spray paint is available in nearly 100 different colors!).

4. Spray the backing board with Krylon Magnetic Primer to create a surface that lightweight magnets will stick to. Be sure to shake the can for several minutes before spraying and shake often during use.

5. Once it dries, use sticker letters or puffy paint to personalize the board and create a tracker or chart of activities.

6. Reattach the backing to the frame and hardware.

7. Dress up the board with magnets and pin your child’s rewards for good behavior and A+ grades!

Ready, Set, Draw

This time, drawing on the table is OK! Let your little artists go to work on this DIY dry erase table. Make learning more exciting by practicing the alphabet or multiplication on this traditionally off-limits surface.

1. Find an old desk or table with a smooth wood or plastic surface.

2. Cover the tabletop in Krylon Dry Erase Paint to create an instant easel for artistic expression. Even better, Krylon Dry Erase Clear spray paint comes in a clear gloss finish so users can apply it to any suitable hard surface without distorting its original color and appearance.

3. Let the tabletop dry for a week before use.

4. Use any dry erase markers on the table and learn and draw, worry-free!

Open the Door to Learning

Don’t have room for a big chalkboard? Make the most out of the doors in your home by turning them into a chalkboard! Your kids will love using this unique writing surface for their artwork, to-do lists and homework assignments.

1. Choose a door that has a relatively flat surface or flat panels.

2. Choose your Krylon Chalkboard paint color from colors such as green, black, clear or blue.

3. Spray Krylon Chalkboard paint on the back of your door, making sure to tape off areas that shouldn’t get exposed. Let paint dry for a week before using.

4. Gather the family; school is now in session with your new chalkboard.


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