OVILLA — Plans for the Midlothian ISD elementary school in Ovilla are making progress as Ovilla City Manager Dennis Burn met with MISD this week to discuss plans for the school’s location.

“We are working with the city of Midlothian to enable the city of Ovilla to annex the entire right-of-way of Shiloh Road from the east property line to the west property line of the new elementary school,” Burn said after the meeting.

The city of Midlothian and the city of Ovilla are working on an agreement whereby the city of Ovilla can annex Shiloh Road right-of-way, which is approximately 1.50 acres. The agreement must go to both city’s attorneys for their review and then before both city council’s for approval.

This annexation is in addition to the annexation that was approved earlier this year for 14 acres that encompassed an area north of Shiloh Road and west of Bryson Lane.

Burn said the process for the 1.50 acres should take from one to two months.

“This in no way slows down the construction of the new school.,” he added. “We are excited about the new school and want to see the school district succeed.”

In January of this year, the Ovilla City Council held a public hearing regarding the annexation request by Midlothian Independent School District to enlarge and extend the corporate boundary limits of the city. The 14 acres located north of Shiloh Road and west of Bryson Lane is located in what is known as Ovilla’s extraterritorial jurisdiction.

The request and petition for the annexation of the Midlothian Independent School District tract had been presented to the city of Ovilla on Oct. 23, 2014.

In February, a public meeting was held and a zoning change was requested by the Midlothian School District. The school district had requested a zoning change from single family residential to general commercial on 13 acres of the land to be used for the annexation.

“This zoning change allows for building heights,” said Ovilla Mayor Richard Dormier explaining the reason for the need to change the zoning. The city’s Planning and Zoning Committee had also recommended the zoning change in regards to the school district’s request.

“The new MISD elementary school will be a great asset to this part of our city,” Dormier said. “As a result of partnering between the city, MISD, and the new Bryson Manor development the existing offset intersection of Shiloh Road and Bryson Lane will be realigned to improve traffic flow in the area.”