Last week, I wrote about what is wrong with the #blacklivesmatter movement in our series of “What Is Wrong With America. “The idea is that a problem cannot be rectified if never addressed. So, in that vein, this really needs to be said. White men are big, spoiled babies.

That’s right.

Historically speaking and certainly since the dawn of this nation, white men have always been in charge. White men have been the decision-makers in regards to health care, welfare, voting power, educational and property ownership rights, freedom or enslavement. White men determined who could establish, run and prosper in business. White men made the laws and white men upheld laws. White men were our judge, jury and “peers” even when they were not. All in all, white men have ruled the world.

But the world is changing and now there is a new slogan. Forget “black power,” “equality for all,” or the #blacklivesmatter. The new anthem is that the white, Christian male is the most discriminated against.

It’s sad, really, because so many actually believe this.

I’ll say it again. White men are big, spoiled babies.

According to the 2013 U.S. Census, the black population is estimated to be about 14 percent of the U.S. population.

Akk. They are taking over!

The same census reveals that Latinos comprise about 17 percent of the total population (except in California and New Mexico, where Latinos did just overtake whites as a majority, but that is for another terrifying “they are taking over” article).

What spurred this piece on was a conversation I recently overheard while standing at a gas station. Two men were loudly discussing how victimized, powerless and discriminated against they have become as white Christian men. I’d been reading Harper Lee’s new book, “Go Set A Watchman,” in which the characters of Maycomb, Alabama, must face a new era where blacks are fighting for civil rights – the little devils. How dare they? The feeling is best described when a Maycomb resident retorts how ungrateful the “n-----s” are for reaching out to the NAACP “after all we’ve done for them!” And it hit me how truly spoiled the white man is. He cannot see that this change is good. He cannot see that, at last, people of all races, religions and genders have a voice in their own laws and educations and futures. He cannot see how far more balanced we have become (with that whopping 14 percent blacks and 17 percent Latinos) because he is far too interested in what he is losing.

These words are sure to ruffle a few feathers and stir a Confederate flag or two, but here’s the thing: As white people we have always had things in our favor. We have been thought of individuals. We have our own personalities and dreams, whereas minorities have historically been lumped into groups. As the majority, whites have organized and set racial perspectives. Even today, in everyday conversation, a white person is described in full detail. With a black person, “he’s black.”

Ah. He’s black. Well, then, it can’t be too hard to find him. There are only 14 percent of ‘em!

Then a black guy becomes president, a few gays get to marry and, holy cow, the white man is an endangered species. Such challenges to our once entitled and empowered world are terrifying. Who are we if not world leaders, policy makers and financiers? Last I checked, however, the vast majority of our U.S. Senators and Congressmen and women are white. The athletes may be black, but all the owners are white.

When I questioned such things I was asked why I “hated on” white people so much. I was shocked. I laughed out loud.

I don’t hate white people. I married one. I was birthed by one. My children may possibly be the whitest kids in America. I’m kind of fond of white people — but not to exclusion of others.

I cannot and will not blindly join a group and then war against all others. That high school clique mentality is dangerous and embarrassing. When I trained for the first ever U.S. women’s bobsled team, it was because women had been excluded and I knew it to be wrong so I pushed the envelope (and the bobsled) and won. When I knew irresponsible industrial practices were dangerous to the health of children, I spoke up and made a few industrial enemies. Belonging to something and never questioning its practices is wrong. If I were gay, how miserable would it be to have people hate me only because of who I loved. If I were black, how difficult would it be at times to sing a national anthem that had been so disconnected from me? Were I Jewish, how exhausting would it be to see images of Santa Claus everywhere? Personally, I LOVE Santa and I say, “Merry Christmas,” as much as I want but, still, these are things to ponder and consider.

Being white has always meant being the norm and, historically, never considering any other view. Our textbooks, historical references, television, even the image of Jesus Christ (a Middle Eastern man who walked the desert without sunscreen) are all in the white man’s image. When these standards – the white norm – are challenged, it seems so suddenly unfair. Thus, we are discriminated against! But this IS the new norm. It’s time to accept that power is not being lost but, at last, being shared.

Now residing in “the nicest city in Texas,” Alexandra Allred is the author of numerous books, including White Trash, Damaged Goods and the Allie Lindell series. Visit her website, www.alexandratheauthor, or Twitter @alexandraallred but always check out her column the WDL as she ponders all things Waxahachie and beyond its borders.