To the Editor,

We are community. Be it country, state, county or town, we are part of each others lives. You can choose to disassociate oneself from the rest but you cannot completely be alone physically, emotionally or spiritually. Just by the very nature of our existence as humans can we be other than that. Somehow, somewhere and some point in time, we connect with each,voluntarily or by accident.

That being said one of our greatest achievement, and failure, has been learning how to get along with each other in a manner most beneficial to all involved. We all propose to have the answer to that. Just ask the next 10 people you meet and what will you get? Ten different answers. Tis the nature of the beast.

Within those 10, we have the majority that will go beyond the differences and using inherent interpersonal skills, will form a consensus that by shear numbers, will advance the welfare for all. The few in minority, although true as any in their commitment to their ideals, as boisterous is their argument, do not get to steer. Simple fact.

There will always be those few that will not agree or go along with, or even claim to be part of the community. Human nature they wish to deny but cannot remove. A common trait is the standing under the victim banner which they hoist themselves. Someone is always making them do something they donít like or is taking away this right or freedom which is changed all the time to fit what they donít wish for an this day or that. Yet, rather than bringing up a better idea or even choosing to participate to make things better, they remain in the cage they keep expanding all the while ignoring the open door. Basically, victimizing themselves just to be a victim. I donít want to elect someone because theyíre a victim.

We as a society, locally or nationally or even globally, have chosen to move beyond all barriers that are placed before us by whatever circumstance. We, due to our nature, move to better ourselves despite what imaginary chains or exaggerated hardships some see as hindrance. And we will continue to move forward to improve things for ourselves using the positive, even with those that wish to languish in the squalor of negative self pity moving forward with us.


Because we are all community.

Like it or not.

Alan Fox,