OVILLA – The city of Ovilla will be undergoing playground upgrades in three of its four parks with the first upgrade to begin next month.

“I will be requesting funding in the FY 2015-2016 budget to upgrade the playground portions of the parks,” Ovilla City Manager Dennis Burn said last week.

It is still uncertain what the budget amount total will be for the upgrades.

The city of Ovilla has four parks; Silver Spur, Ashburn Glen, Cindy Jones and Heritage Parks.

Burn said the emphasis of the upgrades will be on safety.

“Specifically we will install additional engineered wood fiber (EWF) with borders to cushion any falls from the equipment and we will insure that all apparatus are safely attached to the structures,” Burn added.

Brad Piland, Ovilla’s Public Works Director said that he does not currently have a start or end date on the playground equipment upgrades except that the first park will begin the process in August.

“Three of the parks will be receiving the upgrades including Cindy Jones, Ashburn Glen and Silver Spur,” Piland said. “Silver Spur Park will be getting new equipment next month.”

The Cindy Jones Toddler Park will be seeing upgrades of cushion material added around the existing equipment and Ashburn Glen Park will also be getting border and cushion material additions.

As for the old equipment, in Silver Spur Park that equipment will be taken away and replaced, the Cindy Jones Toddler Park had new equipment added within the past few years so Piland said “The added equipment will accommodate children from 3 to 10 years old.”