(BPT) - Whether it’s sharing tips on the latest skincare, make-up or hair trends, a woman’s daily beauty routine is often a hot topic of conversation among her friends, but they rarely discuss “below the belt” maintenance. This area is such a vital part of your body and it deserves the same attention as a woman’s face and hair. It’s not just about hair removal, it’s about caring for your legs and bikini area as part of your overall beauty routine.

To help clear up these hairy topics, here are some tips and tricks that will keep your lower half healthy and beautiful all year round.

Lovely legs

Smooth, silky legs are a must-have for summer styles, but before you throw on those shorts and skirts, make sure to give your legs a little TLC. Smart shaving not only makes your legs look good, but it can save you from discomfort, too.

Always shave at the end of the shower – not the beginning – to give your leg hair time to soften under the shower water and open follicles for easy shaving. Never dry shave or use soap as a shaving aide. Instead, opt for a woman’s shave gel, like Skintimate Silky Skin Shave Gel. Enriched with Moroccan Oil and infused with a blend of Vitamin E, Olive Butter and Sunflower Oil, this shave gel provides unbeatable razor protection while allowing for a close, comfortable shave and smooth skin.

Lastly, choose a four or five-blade razor with skin hydration benefits, like the Schick Hydro Silk razor with water-activated moisturizing serum for lasting hydration.

Baby your bikini area

Although bikini maintenance is a matter of personal preference, it’s also a topic women want to learn more about. In fact, according to the Schick Women Hydro Silk TrimStyle Grooming Perceptions Survey, 40 percent of women say they wish there was more information available on the Internet about bikini grooming.

Whether you go “all the way” or simply do some judicious trimming, it’s important to be gentle with your skin and choose a tool that helps you safely achieve your desired style.

The Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle is a safe and convenient two-in-one razor and waterproof bikini trimmer. It features a hydrating razor on one end – with five blades – and a bikini area trimmer on the other. The waterproof trimmer works in or out of the shower, and features four adjustable comb settings to allow you to achieve the look and feel you desire. So now it’s easy and convenient to shave and trim as much – or as little – as you want.

Immediately after showering and grooming, apply a gentle moisturizer that’s free of alcohol and perfume to help reduce irritation and prevent skin from drying out. A natural product, such as one that contains oatmeal, is best.

For more shaving tips and information on shaving products, visit www.schick.com.

Pedicure pointers

Now that your legs are shiny and smooth, make time to pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure.

A pedicure should be an experience that leaves your feet feeling as great as they look, and since a trip to the salon may not always fit into your budget or schedule, here is how to get a salon-quality experience at home.

Start by soaking your feet in warm water. Toss in your favorite mineral, salt or scented soap. After your soak, use a foot scrub to remove dead skin and a pumice stone on tougher, callused areas like heels. Apply a moisturizer specially formulated for feet. Trim nails straight across – never rounded, which can lead to ingrown toenails – and use a rubber or wooden manicure stick to gently push back cuticles. Finish off with your favorite polish!