Elizabeth Burton Cameron

Elizabeth Cameron, known to all her friends as "Betty," was born in 1916 in Mount Kisco, New York. Betty lived internationally as a child in Cuba and later in Brazil. She grew up during the Great Depression, all of the family members worked several jobs in order to survive that difficult period of history. Betty taught dance classes to young girls as her contribution to family support.

After high school, she attended business college and auditioned for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. Rather than accepting a position as a dancer, she chose to accompany her parents to Brazil by ship, where she met her future husband, Gordon Cameron. They married in 1944 and began their life together in New York and later moved to Miami, Florida.

After her husband passed away, she moved to Waxahachie in 1987 to be close to family. Betty's talents were multi-faceted, she was an accomplished seamstress, fantastic artist and wonderful wife and mother. She loved their life, raising her girls Nancy and Susie, having grandchildren Jake and Jaelle and she her great-grandchildren Ava and Ellie. She was a member of First United Methodist Church where she was active in the friendship Sunday school class and Bible study. In addition, she also was active in the Jay Singles and the Ellis County Art Association. Her beautiful paintings adorn the walls in homes of friends and family. Betty will be greatly missed by her family and all those who knew her.