To the Editor,

So now we’re sitting at the intersection of stupidity and reason.

Long light.

Those that are opposed to equal marriage rights are now pushing for laws to have all marriages no longer recognized by government.

Better check with our wives about that one.

Still yet we have voices coming in from the far fringe of reality that suggest that we that constitute the rest of civil society are wanting them to shut up.

No one is asking anyone to agree with anything or wanting anyone to be silent. There is a reason something becomes the status quo and that is because it works for the majority of people. When it no longer does that, change it. It seems to me, in the singularity of my opinion, that those that cannot win change by free election wish to try to affect change not by engaging in intelligent discourse with those in position to affect change, but by choosing to play the game of constant whining against the system. Their finding of faults, however picayune, instead of offering a better way has become their status quo. They clamor for the freedom of their speech all the while complaining about another using their own.

It occurs to me, again in my opinion only. that rather than taking the steps in positively affecting change, they continue to do nothing but pound their sticks on the ground for the sole purpose of wanting to hear the sound.

Still we have others mounting the horse of morality from the wrong side in their criticism of the publication of arrest records. If you are arrested that becomes public record. Any shaming is incurred by the act. It is for the courts to decide what is minor or what is major, not by one person in a search for professional validity.

What happened to allowing different views on subjects of national interests? What was once the cornerstone of freedom now has evolved into a morbid, somewhat adolescent competition of my exposure of atrocity can beat up your exposure of atrocity, what offends me can out offend what offends you, and how one can show hypocrisy of others in the most hypocritical way.

Well, tis freedom in America I guess.

Have a happy day!

Alan Fox,