To the Editor,

Sewage sludge consumer beware!

We have noticed a trend to turn sewage water into drinkable tap water where drought still has a hold. Specifically, Wichita Falls, Texas.

Having dealt with the sewage industry these last couple of years I have found their statements about their process and contaminated substance to be slanted to affect the changes they want.

The drought just made the Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) think outside the outdated box to get to their end. As far as the drought is concerned, recent rains overflowed most of the lakes in Texas with very few exception.

Hence, my repeated exclamation of the word “con artist” and the sewage industry including the EPA and TCEQ.

Since the cry of the sewage industry has consistently been “it is safe,” since they sucker farmers with half-truth and all out lies to dump free on their land, since the EPA will not update WWTP contaminate records or part 503, since multi-billion dollar sewage dumping companies and the sewage lobby undermine any progress to change the Land Application of Sewage Sludge (LASS) process, since it seems the sewage snake (U.S. Legislature/EPA/ State Legislature/ State Environmental Agencies/ River Authorities/Municipalities/(and the butt end of the snake)/the multibillion dollar WWTP and sludge dumpers) continues to ignore independent current science on the subject, I consider this push to drink the so called WWTP clean drinkable water to be just another “con” or misdirection from the source of the problem. That would be the land application of sewage sludge and the billions made from it at the expense and health of the voters.

I would point out that drinking water has now been tested for pharmaceutical. So what else gets passed to our tap?

 Not only do I not like the thought of it, I consider it an insult to the dwindling health of the U.S.

One last point: Let’s say they get this toilet to tap (TTT) passed to the public, in five, 10, 15 years will the TTT still be as regulated and will it evolve better or worse knowing that the sewage industry has to turn a profit?

 Just like the Bible repeats over and over “beware of false prophets” and may I add self-serving idiots.

Craig Monk,