(StatePoint) For parents, encouraging children to dream big is part of the job description. And while more doors are now open for women in historically male-dominated fields like science, technology and sports, for parents with daughters it’s more important than ever to drive home the “you can do anything” message.

While you can’t be there all the time, when you’re together, you can do your best to steer the conversation in ways that inspire.

The experts at VTech, an award-winning electronic toy manufacturer that is introducing a revolutionary range of dolls for girls called Flipsies, are offering a few tips to help parents find ways that they can empower their girls to follow their dreams and aspire for more:

Talk about It

Everything your child consumes, from television to books to magazines, becomes part of her consciousness. Monitor what your daughter watches and reads, and encourage her to choose media with positive messaging, cultural value or a lesson. Together, look for shows and books that feature women following their dreams. Read the newspaper and talk about articles illustrating women doing great things.

Innovate Play Time

The way children play can be very influential to their development and self-esteem, and toy makers are catching on that parents are looking for more in their children’s toys. Parents can take advantage of new trends in toy design that infuse interactive technology with classic role play to encourage engaging, imaginative play.

A new line of dolls and playsets, Flipsies, encourages young girls ages four and up to let their dreams shine and be anything they want to be, whether it’s a doctor, marine biologist, baker, rock star or veterinarian. Each of the eight dolls in the range has talents and big ambitions -- from Eva, a pet lover who dreams of being a veterinarian to Styla, a confident DIY-er and aspiring fashion designer. The dolls wear a charm with special powers to “flip” their dreams into reality, encouraging girls with the message that they can do the same.

Be a Role Model

Surround your daughter with positive role models. From her basketball coach to her teacher to you, children look to grownups for guidance and often model their behavior. If possible, consider taking your daughter to your workplace or along on volunteer projects so she can see what you do during the day. Talk to her teacher about participating in a career day at school.

For empowering activities, games, quizzes and webisodes for girls, and more parenting tips and resources, visit www.Flipsies.com.

From the toys your child plays with to the media she consumes, you can inspire your daughter’s happiness and success by directing positive messaging her way.