(BPT) - Summer is finally here, which means the strong desire to travel and explore is likely at an all-time high! Need some inspiration to stop daydreaming and lock in your next summer adventure? Here are six exciting ways to ‘cure’ your wanderlust and take advantage of the peak travel season:

1. Explore your own backyard

Often times, excitement is hidden within our very own cities, towns and suburbs, but we tend to overlook this form of travel when picturing far away, exotic destinations! Start by researching key areas of interest and begin exploring, whether it’s discovering walking trails, shopping at local markets or checking out new restaurants. Be sure to also look into free events in your area to join in on the fun and meet some new, interesting people.

2. Plan a summer road trip

Summer typically means road trip season is in full effect! According to a recent survey conducted by Jiffy Lube International, four in five road trippers (79 percent) will get behind the wheel and enjoy the freedom of the open road this summer. Road trips are a great way to take budget-friendly vacations that allow for flexibility and worry-free adventures! Before hitting the road this summer, stop by your local Jiffy Lube service center or visit JiffyLube.com for more information on preventive maintenance for your vehicle.

3. Sign up for travel alerts

Do you love the thought of traveling far away and discovering new adventures? If you have some flexibility in your schedule this summer, take advantage of last-minute travel alerts online and jet-set to some of the hottest destinations for half the price! This will minimize your effort while still allowing you to jump on limited-time offers.

4. Travel down memory lane

Taking a trip down memory lane is a great way to reflect on past travels and inspire new ones ahead. Embarking on adventures that remind you of your childhood can revive the carefree attitude you had growing up. In fact, a recent survey from Jiffy Lube International notes that three-quarters of road trippers say they enjoy hitting the road because it reminds them of the trips they took growing up.

5. Enroll in a summer class abroad

Extend your summer travel and make it both productive and educational by taking a class abroad. Opt to enrich your current degree or fulfill your personal passions, such as trendy art classes, by studying abroad and immersing yourself in a new culture. Be sure to take advantage and explore a bit outside of class hours!

6. Make a bucket list!

Be prepared to check off those boxes! Whether traveling to Europe to discover your heritage or checking out one of the Seven Wonders of the World, having an ongoing list of places that you want to experience helps zero in on destinations that truly pique your interest and gives you something to look forward to!