The Ellis County Republican Party members cut the ceremonial ribbon for their new building and celebrating the party's growth on Tuesday afternoon.

“This is a great move and great news for the Republicans of Ellis County,” said County Chairman Denise DeLara.

Party members, chairpersons and leaders were joined by representatives of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the opening of the party's new location at 610 Water Street in Waxahachie.

Manning the scissors was DeLara joined by Vice Chairman Randy Bellomy.

“This is a great day for us. I want to thank all of you who have helped us get to this point,” DeLara told the large audience.

Besides party supporters there were several elected officials at the grand opening. Among those was Senator Brian Birdwell.

“Wow, this is fantastic,” Birdwell said following the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

“There have been many who have contributed to the party’s growth in the county. Precinct chairmmembers, volunteers and elected officials have all been a big part of this tremendous growth,” Bellomy said.

“We experienced substantial growth. In my early years, we had a problem just getting a quorum of members together to hold a meeting. Today, we were at standing room only in the old building,” DeLara said, noting the need for a larger building.

Both DeLara and Bellomy said the eastern part of the county has come together and been one area where the party has seen growth.

Precinct 121 Chairman Patsy Grider said she has been a part of the movement in Ennis and the eastern part of the county to curb voter apathy and get people involved with the GOP.

“My vote doesn't count” and people not voting because of a single issue on the ballot are some of the excuses Grider has heard she said.

We all have to work to get the community to overcome these feelings and take our opinions to the polls,” Grider said. “I love America and that America was born based on Christian values. It is important that we stay true to our origins with beginning of our constitution.”

Grider uses what she has learned about government through her own initiative to encourage others to do the same and get out and vote.

“Get out and vote. Your vote does count,” Bellomy said, adding that is the party's primary goal. “The Republican party still has its people with strong values and opinions. We welcome that.”