To the Editor,

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an extremely powerful political organization that claims to represent American businesses of ALL sizes. But, to me, they’re actions speak louder than words! The sneaky way in which the recent Trade Promotion Authority bill was passed was exactly in the manner as the smelly way that we had the corrupt Affordable Care Act shoved down our throats, resulting in 5 million citizens losing their healthcare policies.

Republican  topdogs  Senator McConnell and Representative Paul Ryan pimped the bill for President Obama. His success in its passage seems very much like a thank you from Big Business for going against many Democrats and getting Republicans to pass it for him. The other amazing gifts to Obama in Congress and the Courts are likely Chamber gifts as well. These include his exemption from legal accountability for issuing a tyrannical edict, instead of submitting his ideas about immigration reform to the scrutiny of America’s elected members of Congress. Republicans looked the other way regarding their power to de-fund the Affordable Care Act, (with its unpopularity coming close to 6 out of 10 voters!), and actually had plans to fund it if the Court had ruled against Obama. What’s with that nonsense?

As a citizen who happens to like the idea of American products marketed throughout the world, why am I upset about the Trade Promotion Authority bill? I smell a rat whenever the Congress and the President are afraid to have a major bill properly debated on the floors of the United State Senate and the United States House of Representatives. This smells like something pernicious to hide every time! Since I like our products sold everywhere, I might have been happy with the end product … if it had not been achieved in the nasty and sneaky way that it was! The Chamber says it cares about the well-being of ALL businesses … but I think they want un-principled people owned by them in the White House, the Senate Majority leader office, and the Speaker of the House, regardless of which party wins an election. If I’m wrong, why don’t they go about getting trade bills passed in a legitimate manner?

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,