FERRIS — Changes to the Main Street Program bylaws were unanimously approved by the members of the Ferris city council at its Monday session.

The changes include renaming the Ferris Downtown Association to Ferris Area Business Association (FABA), the restructuring of the entity and finding a representative for the Main Street Board, as well as reducing the number of Main Street Board members from nine to seven.

The Main Street Board was reduced from one city council member and one at large member position. After a discussion between the council members, Mayor Michael Driggars will sit on the board.

“These changes were voted on and approved twice by the board before I brought them to the council,” said Chuck Dart, economic development coordinator.

No action was taken on a discussion item introduced by Driggars for a soccer field improvements.

“We have entered into an agreement with the Old Brickyard Golf Club (OBGC) to provide the grow-in work for the amount of $3,575. This includes the scope of work that was provided by the company that built the soccer fields,” Driggars told the council.

As presented, the proposal from the OBGC has the costs for the maintenance of the fields and will be included in the upcoming fiscal year budget.

A donation by the 4B board allocated another $10,000 to use toward the soccer fields.

“This will be used toward the grow-in costs and the installation of a perimeter fence around the fields. We really feel a fence is necessary to protect the fields. It will be a 4-foot chain link fence with an entrance gate,” Driggars said.

At the time a quote is received, the fence installation will begin.

At the beginning of the meeting, chief building official Bill Jordan introduced the new animal control officer Chelcee Juricek.

Juricek told the council, she is glad to work in Ferris and is looking forward to working with the people and staff of Ferris.

She plans to reduce the number of strays, encourage spaying and neutering programs and provide animal care education to the local community.