Paramedics transported an injured woman to a local hospital after a two-vehicle collision Tuesday in Waxahachie.

The woman, driving a Toyota Corolla, collided with a black Chevrolet Cruze after failing to stop at the intersection of Williams Street and Parks Avenue. Emergency personnel responded to the call at 1:28 p.m.

“The black Chevrolet was traveling northbound on Williams Street while the Toyota was traveling Eastbound on Parks,” said Sgt. Rob Best, with the Waxahachie Police Department. “The Toyota failed to stop at the stop sign. Therefore, they collided.”

Best said both vehicles sustained front-end damage and after the first impact, there was a smaller, secondary impact as the vehicle rebounded from the collision. The two occupants of the Chevrolet Cruze declined medical attention.

Motorists Angela Wiggins and her mother Sherry Washington witnessed the accident take place and stopped to give aid.

“We opened the door. You could tell that she was really hot. I could tell her color was changing. She started convulsing. I ran and got a cup of ice and put it on her,” Washington said. “It brought her back and I started calling her by her name telling her look at me. I called 911 immediately.”

Williams Street resident Robin Willett was inside her home when the accident took place and heard a loud bang. When she came out, she found the Chevrolet up on the sidewalk next to her fence.

“Well I just rushed over. This was just sitting on the sidewalk. We just wanted to make sure they were OK. She kept saying ‘I’m sorry, sorry. They hit me.’ I said ‘We are more worried about you. This is just a yard. Just a fence it is no big deal,’” Willett said. “I am just glad they are OK and I hope the other people are as well.”