Kim Butler of Waxahachie is the first Daily Light “PuzzlePalooza” winner of the summer.

On Tuesday, the Daily Light presented Butler with a new 50-inch HD Smart television set, which was the prize awarded for the June contest. “PuzzlePalooza” will continue throughout the summer, and the July puzzle is currently underway.

During each edition throughout the month, the Daily Light published a puzzle piece that corresponds with the prize. Readers are asked to clip each piece and at the end of the month, assemble the pieces to complete the picture of the prize. All correct entries are then placed into a drawing to select the winner.

“It’s just a value added piece for the customers — and to give back to those that read the paper,” said Marvin Clark, circulation director for Waxahachie Newspapers, Inc. “We thought it would be something fun the entire family could enjoy. It’s always fun to see people come in and claim their prize.”

Butler said she is an avid reader of the Daily Light and participates in every contest.

“I really like puzzles, so ‘PuzzlePalooza’ was a lot of fun for me,” she said, adding that she also won a Daily Light contest a few years ago to receive a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day, which she donated to her niece.

“I have to say this (contest) was very challenging,” Butler said. “Just by looking at the first few puzzle pieces, I think the July contest is going to be even harder. But it is a lot of fun.”

Butler said winning the television set couldn’t have come at a better time.

“This is going home to my living room,” she said. “My TV is on its last legs and I was planning to go to the store to start shopping for a new one. Now I don’t have to.”

Clark encouraged readers to take part in the July contest, adding that if anyone wants to start the contest now, all they have to do is come to the Daily Light office “and we will give them the first few editions of July just to get them started.”

He also added the July prize is high-tech.

“It’s cutting-edge technology,” Clark said. “It’s just as exciting, if not more exciting than the 50-inch television we just gave away.”

Look for today’s clue on Page 12.