(BPT) - Itís summer, itís hot and youíre in the mood to dress light, eat light and tote light. So, we found seven must-haves for a day at work, the beach or just chilling out reading the latest best seller.

Grab the following basics when youíre heading out for a day on the go:


Sunny or cloudy, those UV rays have a way of breaking through the clouds to damage your skin. Check out a new ultra-light sunscreen with an SPF of 50 that will keep you covered no matter what the forecast. And donít forget to reapply if you take a dip in the water.


Pucker up because lipstick is a summer basic, especially one with SPF. Check out a nice hot pink shade thatís in style from day to night and instantly brightens your face. For summer festivals or cool events, try an indie orange red to heat up your look for a night on the town.


Youíll probably be wearing them, but whatever you do, donít forget these summer essentials. Aviators are always in and the look this summer is oversized. From yellow to blue, bright lenses are back. Oval, square or round, sunglasses are a great way to prevent glare and wrinkles while you rock the right look for you.


In the car, at home or at the pool, youíll definitely get the urge for something delicious, crispy and sweet. Thatís why you must remember to toss in a pack of M&MíS Crispy. M&MíS Crispy, back on the shelves by popular demand, have a sweet rice puff center thatís crispy, crunchy and coated in that famous candy shell. These are a satisfying chocolate treat at 180 calories per singles pack. Just make sure you have enough snacks in your tote to share.


The last thing you want is the sun beating down on your head; and itís a good thing that a hat is easy to toss into your bag. From a pink, knitted beanie to a funky fedora, these hats look great and keep you in the shade while keeping your hair in mint condition given the sun and surf.

Phone Charger

Itís always good to stay connected so friends and family can find you. Have a phone charger with you to always have a fully-charged phone handy when you need it for your next summer adventure.

Beach Read

The last thing to tote is a good page-turner. Check out ďBeautiful RuinsĒ by Jess Walters, ďA Small IndiscretionĒ by Jan Ellison, ďGone GirlĒ by Gillian Flynn or ďThe DinnerĒ by Herman Koch.

No matter where you go, youíll be prepared for anything with these summer essentials. Make sure your tote is fully stocked so you can breeze your way through the summer months.