To the Editor,

Once the anticipated decision has come down, and the High Court has bypassed the Constitution, in order to please all of the bigots who despise traditionalists and religious conservatives, there might be a silver lining for people who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and regard Him as more important than Justice Kennedy and his four Democrat Supreme Court colleagues. There might be a way for people, whether Christian or of some other worldview, to use this troubled time to commit ourselves to making a special extra effort to increase the likelihood that all young people we love, and who desire a long-term, lifelong, covenant of marriage, has the benefit of every known strategy for marital success that has ever benefitted Christians.

Many preachers actually craved this anti-constitutional decision and rejoice over neopagan success. Also, many people who value marriage as a real foundation of decent civilization are disappointed, grieved, and some might think itís the harbinger of the end of history, at least for this republic. Whichever side a person finds oneself, it cannot be denied that one factor facilitating cynical attitudes about marriage itself has been that too many attempted marriages fail. Itís a major social fact that we might want to change.

Maybe, wise people can turn the lemon of the courtís unlawful intrusion into the rights of the people and the states into lemonade. I think so, anyway. None of this particular letter is about the political debate, nor the likely attack on all Christian institutions in America: itís simply about longterm Christian strategy!

Rather than re-fight the issue, (it was lost decades ago when too many Christians snobbed any fellow Christian who tried to stand for traditional values), for the purposes of this letter, all I want to do is suggest that we have more power in our Christian networks of family and friends to help our kids have a greater likelihood of lasting marriages than we might think. If anybody outside of the confession of Jesus Christ benefits, thatís all for the good: but my PRIMARY intended audience is hopeful Christian parents!

We can encourage the following in every small realm of influence that we have: (1) if a guy really is sure that he loves a young lady enough to make a marriage covenant, then he wonít be afraid to be scrutinized by her ďpeeps,Ē as we call them these days. He will proactively seek to win the respect and goodwill of every person who has clearly made a solid moral, spiritual, and emotional investment in her well-being before he came along. If she sincerely wants to love him back, she will do likewise, making herself subject to meaningful and positive conversations with the persons most invested in his well-being; (2) Christians, regardless of other differences, pray. If two Christians canít pray together before being united, itís unlikely to become easy after the wedding! The habit of praying together wonít hurt, even if the relationship does not lead to marriage, and it will definitely pay good dividends, if it does!

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,