The FarmGirls love to hear from gardeners via facebook and email. It is a proud moment when someone sends pictures of their gardens, their landscape and especially if we have been allowed to be a part of their project in some way.  

This past week we delivered FarmGirls Freshly Brewed Compost Tea to some friends. We met Don and Pam who recently moved to Waxahachie from Oregon at The Greenery several months ago. Pam took a six week vegetable gardening class from The FarmGirls and is interning with us. Imagine their gardening shock, they have left Eugene, Oregan that has wonderful gardening attributes and come to Ellis county to garden in our heavy caliche rock and black clay. They have been told they were moving to a dry and hot climate and they have experienced days and weeks of crazy weather systems. Snow, ice, sleet, rain, wind and more rain, rising water and most recently a tropical storm have welcomed them to Texas.  

Between the storms Don and Pam have installed beautiful cedar raised beds in their back yard.  They used the FarmGirls vegetable gardening soil recipe. This blend is comprised of mushroom compost, expanded shale, enriched soil and revitalizer compost. Each garden has been established with drip irrigation through the olla pots.  

Donelle and I were overjoyed when we saw the tall, lush gardens.  Grand tomatoes towered high and were loaded with tomatoes. Each vine loaded with fruit. Their beefsteaks were heavy laden on the vines. These gardeners have taken determined efforts and the dividend will be local and fresh, pesticide free   harvest of watermelon, okra, squash, herbs and tomatoes.

 We loved touring the heavily cedar treed property and looking at the newly planted vitex, possum haw holly and crepe myrtles. Oh, Donelle’s special treat on this visit was a playful black and white Australian shepherd, the newest member of  this Texas family!

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