The possibility of using the playground area at the old Palmer Elementary campus was discussed during the council’s regular monthly session. City Manager Doug Young told the council members that the school district has offered to let the city use the playground area as a city park.

“They will be leaving some play equipment, but taking other equipment, I assume they will want to move the newer pieces,” Mayor Kenneth Bateman said.

The discussion included how much of the property the city would have access to and the maintenance cost.

“We are not sure what they are leaving and what we would have access to,” Bateman said.

The discussion carried over to the current park and the city’s efforts to continue to upgrade it.

“We will continue on the current city park project as a priority,” Bateman said.

“There is a definite need for a park on that side of town. If all the useable equipment is removed, the kids will still have to go across town to play,” Young said.

Before tabling the park discussion Young told the council, “ If we are planning on using and maintaining the park, we must have ownership. Before any further consideration is discussed, we must know what the bounds of maintenance include.”

Members of the council unanimously agreed to table the agenda item.

Two public hearings were also held, one for a zoning change and the other for the city’s 80 percent brick variance. The requester was All-Tex Properties for their location at 1070 North Interstate 45.

The first request asked the city to change the zoning on the property from agricultural district to commercial district. The company plans to use the site as a second location.

The second request was for a variance for the 80 percent brick requirement on the building proposed for the location.

Both requests were unanimously approved.

A request for a variance of the city’s fence ordinance was requested by Shane Foshee of 302 W. Jefferson.

Foshee requested that he receive a variance from the city’s fence ordinance to enclose a portion of his front yard with a 4-foot cedar wooden fence.

“The main purpose is to fence in my dogs. My house is at the very back of my lot and the backyard often has water running through it during heavy rains,” Foshee said.

Young read the current fence ordinance that prohibits any fence or enclose that would enclose the front yard area to the set back of the house.

Councilman Lane Anglin followed with “There are four letters from neighbors voting against the fence.”

After discussions with Foshee with the council, the council unanimously agreed to table the request to allow Foshee time to revise his request.

“He’s already paid his filing fee, let’s see how we can work with him to come up with a workable plan,” Bateman said.

In other council action, Jeff Vick was named mayor pro tem.