To the Editor,

About four to six months ago, I saw our “esteemed leader” say this: “Things are better than at any time in the history of the American people.”Huh? Well, we need to look at things as they are right now. Every single day, something else is going on and it certainly does not look “better.” How about the time he said this about building new coal mines, to bring prices down and reduce the load big government has saddled the American people with. Oh, sure, they can build as many as they want to, but, “I” will raise their taxes so much they will not be able to make any money. Ever notice how when he promises something that may help all Americans, and then he does the exact opposite? We all remember how many times he has vetoed the Alaskan pipeline, depriving thousands upon thousands of American men and women the chance to work and provide for their children. He was the one that closed the last lead smelter in America. Now if companies want their lead to be refined, they have to ship it to Europe. When they get it ready to go, then it is shipped back. Can you guess who gets to pay for all this? That’s right, we do. Now have you seen anything that benefits US? Yeah, same here. Are you ready for the latest scheme he has come up with? Our churches are in danger of losing their tax exempt status if they refuse to marry same sex couples. He has been trying to destroy our country, our way of life, since his very first day in office. Please, people of America, WE ALL must wake up before it will be way too late.

David Nance,