To the Editor,

There seems to be some evidence that the Democrat strategy of hiding Mrs. Clinton from any serious questions is starting to backfire. Polls are not worth paying serious attention to right now, so far as who is most likely to win or lose a presidential election 18 months from now. But, they do tell a story of the support for Mrs. Clinton dropping in key battleground states to the point of losing to a generic Republican. Even a few within her Party want some serious answers, even though the Democrat bigwigs and leftwing media bank on her just sliding through and then spending enormous amounts of money. Could work, but it’s not nearly as fool proof as she once thought. Her husband is not nearly as magical this time around.

This leads to what kind of Republican that best represents the needs of the nation right now. Big money is very much invested in Jeb Bush, who is fixed up with Establishment support, just like Mrs. Clinton. The political insiders seem to desperately want a Bush Dynasty vs. Clinton Dynasty election.

Grassroots enthusiasm is not on the side of Jeb Bush, who would not be so lucky as to be a top contender at all without big money Establishment buddies and name recognition. I wonder if that is good for the nation.  Do we really want a dynasty election, or do we want something that can keep us awake?

Bernard Sanders is the only non-Clinton proudly touted by the Democratic National Committee. My guess is that the fact that he is a self-professed socialist will enable the media supporters of Hillary to say, “Look, she’s pretty moderate, next to him”. With George Stephanopolous recently hiding his donations to the Clinton Foundation from his ABC audience, while viciously attacking the author of ‘Clinton Cash’ in a pretense of an interview, the cards are stacked and we all know that.

Grassroots enthusiasm can overcome humongous political money, but it’s very difficult. Most GOP consultants figure that Jeb Bush will keep the votes of people who badly want to defeat Clinton. That just might not happen, however, because many people ( other than the dynasty elite political class) are ready to support a candidate who is not business-as-usual Washington elitist. Do we really, really want a dynasty election? If not, we have some time to rally behind one of the contenders who has clear convictions, and it is possible to actually beat the Establishment this time around!

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,