To the Editor,

Much mention of official misconduct is in recent news. Local doings of a local private fire department in Ellis County are shocking. Private bodies doing work for the public are known as “ex-officio” entities which are governed by same laws inclusively as for public ones. This is an old principle and incorporated into the American Disabilities Act and also covering contractors.

Gross disparagement as hazing or other bullying is never right nor legal. School bullying is forbidden under the ADA whereas schools are responsible for stopping it. Much the same is probably available for other persons with similar circumstances via the ADA. When such discriminations are involved even if no traditional form of disability of the victim is used as an excuse, it is forbidden.

General fair and honest treatment is key to the mission of the ADA, and its application to bullying is therefore correct and has potential promise for many who suffer and are not yet aware of it. As problems of bullying extend to more than schools and wayward fire departments, the ADA can act as an umbrella to help shield those that need it.

In a famous early case, it was stated that the ADA deals with many abuses of rights that are  common available to everybody. Please consider also the need for a compatible Hate Crimes Act which can have broad utility against bigotry and discrimination as it obviously applies to serious crimes involving death and overlaps some of abuses forbidden by the the ADA.

Based on restating my public complaints against Alvarado, I was involved in changing a few votes in the Senate to finally pass that Hate Crimes Act. I meant it to help my case as well as others and push for its application as practical. At least, I am consistent.

So now, here I am, pushing for a destined appropriate ending for the perpetrators in my case, financial punishment for the city and/or more. Those I name as defendants were wrong all along. The city responsibility is statutory for much of my real loses and for associated fines to answer persecutions and answer their contempt for the law. Knowing the law and faith in final justice are truly good things.

Abuses in Alvarado are only part of the Johnson County picture ... there is much more to say against that corrupt area. But as now, I am currently intent on forcing the relative mature issues in Ellis County as timely and requisite laws also do dictate while others contemplate their fates, my choice.

About bullying, where and when did so many learn so little? “Boys will be boys” is no longer acceptable regardless of the age, sex, racial status, and disability status, or other reason that any might be targeted. There is simply no excuse ... as by statute certain conspiracy supported abusive are also covered by USCode, Title 18, Pars. 241 & 242 has been used for key civil rights issues before.

Saying any particular historically defined corruption does not constitute corruption is a corrupt action in itself. Any would-be leader, official, etc., known to be truly corrupt should be publicly identified as so and best be purged, banned by vote, or any other means from holding any honored official position.

Claiming any opponent is corrupt because someone arbitrarily wills to classify them as so is blunt dirty pool and and might even be shown to be fraudulent. As due process exists to iron out the wrinkles it can also be hopelessly corrupted to benefit the the dishonest. Be not swindled by hollow propaganda but as I do seek concrete supporting data for any corruption charge or conviction.

We should/must demand a high loyalty to benign democratic processes. The system should be quickly and openly flushed of unjust legal abuses, whatever, wherever, whenever, and whoever as all qualified officials are best to concentrate on transparent duties inclusive of fair justice by, for, and of the people. Need I say more? But, I will...

Narrowly, the ADA ...” provides that a public entity may not aid or perpetuate discrimination against a qualified individual with a disability by providing significant assistance to an agency, organization, or person that discriminates on the basis of disability in providing any aid, benefit, or service to beneficiaries of the public entity’s program,” a good principle while any form of traditional corruption is suspected or becomes obvious and/or proven before the public. There is a fuller instruction to block assistance to bad actors but let’s continue.

On justified assistance, I am not alone in fighting corruption and confronting violators under the ADA, nor should I be: “No private or public entity shall coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any individual in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his or her having exercised or enjoyed, or on account of his or her having aided or encouraged ANY OTHER individual in the exercise or enjoyment of, any right granted or protected by the Act or this part.”

Restating and expanding the above: ...” protects not only individuals who allege a violation of the Act or this part, but also any individuals who support or assist them. This section applies to all investigations or proceedings initiated under the Act or this part without regard to the ultimate resolution of the underlying allegations.”

“Because this section prohibits any act of retaliation or coercion in response to an individual’s effort to exercise rights established by the Act and this part (or to support the efforts of another individual), the section applies not only to public entities subject to this part, but also to persons acting in an individual capacity or to private entities.”

The disabled are adjudicated as vulnerable because of weaknesses and preoccupations in merely surviving. The principles therein of fairness and justice which ethically are the inheritance of us all, are allowed to dance ahead of those that would mistreat and/or take wrong criminal advantage of qualified disabled persons. Basic freedoms are valid contracted and constitutional liberties to be pronounced, promulgated, and protected.

I am aware that the laws give me tremendous power to work to right certain germane wrongs but it is power to do requsite things and nothing more as I judge it. As inclusive means are available to me such also are within the powers of varied authorities, but inappropriate senseless abuse and blanket bullying by kind and/or amount is to be denied to all if it be called illegal, sin, unethical, or even trivial bad form.

There is a usually a set hierarchy to follow in all this, but as that failed for me other checks on state power became rational alternatives. Even as I was reluctant to adopt them, needed answers came through research and pointed encouragement with patience as a factor as well.

The ADA contains severe limits on official conduct and it is under my rights and responsibilities  to make them well known, what they are and determine ways to help enforce them. It would have been better for all to just follow the preemptive laws anyway and I would not have to make these efforts and there would be no penalties.

Some officials are yet begging for impractical license to abuse not unlike the rogue firemen, or like a model citizen who just happens to rob banks on Thursdays. We do need well trained police who attend to duties as we want to trust them to do so; we do not need other.

An old idea which we inherited from French Law states that officials are responsible for their conduct to be supported by their records.

Individual police cams help make this a reality as we see in the news.

Let the light of truth be bright and the promise of justice reign. ...

Bill Shaw,