To the Editor,

We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are about the growth Waxahachie is experiencing. As local realtors, we are seeing first-hand, people not only from our great state, but all over the country choose our town as their new home. It is a testament to our community that people are being drawn here. As a result, our school district will no doubt have challenges (albeit exciting ones) ahead as we adjust to this growth. Having three daughters (kindergarten, fifth grade and seventh grade) of our own in Waxahachie ISD, we have great interest in who represents us on the school board.

There is no doubt the upcoming school board election is very important. The matters that will need to be faced will not be easy ones. It is our opinion that we need leaders willing to do what is right for our community even when it’s not the easiest choice. Leaders that truly have the good of the community and its children as the driving force behind the decisions they make. We believe that a school board member should always have a servant’s mentality. While there are several good candidates to choose from, one stands above the rest. In our opinion, that one is James Villarreal.

Others have highlighted James’ lengthy list of service positions within the community, but  we want to focus on his service within his faith. We are lucky enough to serve along side James at The Avenue Church. James can be seen weekly volunteering wherever he is needed. He serves on a leadership council that provides direction to the vision and many decisions that occur within our church body. He has also volunteered by handing out food to those in need during our “Be the Church” event. In addition, James has traveled to Guatemala and Honduras to serve the people there. Jesus once challenged His disciples in Mark 9:35 with this, “Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.” We are not saying James is perfect because we all have our faults, but he is definitely a man who has a passion to serve.

We believe that this will without a doubt translate very well to the school board. We have personally spoken with James about his decision to run for this position. He did not take it lightly. It was only after much thought, patience and prayer that he decided to run. These are the reasons that we trust James Villarreal to represent our family and most importantly our beautiful daughters on the Waxahachie School Board.

Brian and Tiffany Stevens,