To the Editor,

I know it is no longer politically correct to show our concern about the sloppy, irresponsible job our politicians are doing in D.C. and other places. I would like to remind all politicians that they are paid by U.S. citizens, therefore, they are “The Boss.” And, they pay your salary and you are to follow the ideas of the majority of qualified voters that did vote. Those of you that failed to qualify as a taxpaying citizen, “Go away and wallow in your lack of concern about this county, “My Country.”

Now a little bit about history. The United States of America was founded and rounded by God-fearing people of many countries. The “immigrants” that came here originally came to be Americans and were willing to learn to speak English and become citizens that were proud to receive their citizenship. Not someone that wanted change America. My suggestion to those that came here to change America, “bug out.” Go back to where you came from and change that country, not this one.

I was set off by an article on my computer and it motivated me to write this letter. I quote: “Obama tells Netanyahu U.S. to ‘reassess’ policy on Israel, Mid East diplomacy.” This man, the President of America (not by my vote) can’t even do his job here. Maybe he needs to get out of “my country” and try to change wherever he lands.

All “great and successful nations” in history finally failed when it became consumed by self and moral decay began to set in. Will America be any different? No.

In the beginning we were a God-fearing country that He blessed many times and in many ways. Example: He won World War II with the help of God-fearing men and women. No way we should have won that war and we would not have if we would have not prayed for His help.

My suggestion: Pray all you people that we will get back to worshiping Jehovah God. He promises in His Word: “If my people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray, I will hear their prayers from Heaven and I will heal their land.” Get on your knees America and pray it’s not too late.

Paul E. Davidson,