To the Editor,

I am writing this letter in support for Mr. Gary Fox for a position on the Waxahachie School Board. I do not write this letter lightly.† I have only written four letters to the editor in my very full life!

†I have known Mr. Fox for over 25 years. As a long time educator myself, with experience in public and private schools, and as a mother of a past WISD student, I believe Mr. Fox will best represent and make decisions based on what is best for the students. His integrity and willingness to invest his time into research and study on issues are unequaled.

I have respect for all of the candidates running and think they excel in many areas. They are good citizens. I appreciate their willingness to serve. However, I do not understand electing trustees who do not have educational experience, and most importantly, experience in the classroom. Mr. Fox has over 30 years of teaching experience. Only a teacher truly understands the system and the needs of our students. I have been to a doctor, yet I do not diagnose my ill friends. I have built a doghouse, but I am not an architect, nor would I sell my services for such. Many people think because they have gone to school or have children in school they understand what is needed to improve education. It is much more complex than what one child needs. There is a much larger picture and many nuances that you can only grasp if you have been in the system.

I reread the statement Mr. Fox made about what he thought was the top issue at WISD.† This is his response and it is the most telling of all about why we need to elect him.

Fox: The top issue to me is to provide the best education possible to every student that comes† through the door. That is what it is all about. EVERY student-EVERY day. From the first day of Pre-K to graduation day. I will do my best to provide a safe place to learn, a great place to teach and the support necessary to get the job done.

Many good decisions are made by the board, but they do not always benefit our entire population of students at WISD. ALL students deserve the best education possible. Our entire nationís ability to prosper and gain in various strengths rests in the ability of our public schools to educate all of our students. It is of benefit to all of society to have an educated populace.

I have sat in on board meetings. Each time I attended, Mr. Fox gave thoughtful answers and suggestions. In the audience, his family sat through the meetings. The concern he and his family has for our students is peerless and inimitable.

The upcoming election on May 9 for the† Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustee seats is a very important one for our community. Many decisions are being made that will impact our students and citizens. I strongly urge you to vote for Mr. Gary Fox.

Kim Bauman

Texas State Certified Teacher