To the Editor,

Serving as a school board trustee is an interesting calling. To do it effectively, you must have the ability to gather information, listen to varying viewpoints, and then make an informed decision. It’s a position that very seldom gets a phone call or a visit at the grocery store telling you “what a great job the district’s doing!” For the past 15 years, I’ve served on the Midlothian ISD Board and during that time I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Dr. Joe Langley from Waxahachie ISD.

Joe is the definition of a servant leader. He is insightful and empathetic when gathering information and then decisive when the time comes to vote. Joe does not promise everything to everyone just to “get along.” Even in times when some members of the public have disagreed with a board decision, Joe has always been willing to listen and then explain the board’s thought process. He doesn’t get defensive or agitated. He behaves as you would expect a true statesman to behave.

I have counted Joe as a friend for the past 15 years and I urge you to support him in the upcoming WISD election on May 9.

Duke Burge, Trustee

Midlothian ISD