To the Editor,

My husband and I have lived in Midlothian 47 years. I am proud to say that I was the first kindergarten teacher for MISD and taught in Midlothian for 17 years. You can understand how I have seen Midlothian transform from the retro cheer, “Yea Blue” to “Midlo Rocks.”

I would like to endorse Heather Prather for the Midlothian ISD School Board! Heather was raised in Midlothian and graduated from MHS. She is proud of her hometown. Heather and her husband, Greg, have three children, one at each of the three campuses, elementary, middle school, and high school. Heather would like to preserve family values and community pride and spirit in the school system. A successful school makes a successful community and vice versa.

Prominent in Heather’s core beliefs concerning education are: priority #1 students who are engaged in achieving their full individual potential, a well-trained, qualified, caring staff and secure, safe learning environment. Bringing these beliefs into realization requires school board members who are knowledgeable, ethical and effective communicators.

I feel Heather has these qualities and more. She brings to the board extensive experience in the financial arena. Heather is an individual thinker who will express her own opinion.

In conclusion, “Yea Blue” versus “Midlo Rocks” is a no brainer! We must have both! Heather represents this ideology. As we work together, we can keep our established family and community beliefs and incorporate the necessary staff, facilities, and innovative teaching. This will provide the bright future that our children deserve. Together we can do better!

Jan Armstrong

(MISD educator 1966 to 1984)