The prom is an exciting event for most high school juniors and seniors. It is also an event that some children have never experienced and cannot imagine doing so because of circumstances that convince them that they are not worthy to attend such an elegant dance. Because of their financial situations, living arrangements and low self-esteem, prom has never been an option for them.

SWAGG Programs’ purpose is to support foster and homeless children by creating experiences that boost their self-esteem and motivate them to set goals to become independent and self-sufficient. They make it possible for these students to enjoy experiences that they normally would not.

SWAGG, a new nonprofit in Waxahachie, is determined to make a difference in the lives of children in need. Through their partners and sponsors, SWAGG was able to fully dress and prepare foster, as well as other students in need, with essentials for the prom.

On March 28, the girls began their day by enjoying a SWAGGtastic Shopping Experience at Dress Up in Dallas. They were allowed to go in and shop for the dress of their dreams in the store, each with an assigned personal shopper, a SWAGG volunteer. The girls received one on one attention, assistance and advice with choosing the dress of their choice. They then joined the boys at the beautiful new Willow Creek Wedding and Event Venue in Waxahachie, where they participated in “The Beauty in Me” and “The Man to Be” workshop. After learning how to possess real SWAGG (Serenity, Wisdom, Agility, Grace and Guidance), the high school juniors and seniors, along with the volunteers, enjoyed a delicious lunch from one of Waxahachie’s best restaurants, Cancun’s. They all pledged for God to grant them the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, courage to change the things they can, and wisdom to know the difference. The students were also privileged to have professional senior pictures taken from Rebecca Chesney’s Photography, which captured memorable shots of them on the luxurious grounds of Willow Creek. The boys then concluded the day with their own SWAGGtastic Shopping Experience at K&G Fashion Superstore, The Men’s Wearhouse, and Mr. Formal Men’s Tuxedo, where they received one on one fittings and suit advice from the store managers and workers. Needless to say, this is an experience that the students will remember and, to top it off, were well prepared to step into their prom with SWAGG.

SWAGG Programs is located at 1021 Ovilla Road and is fully run by volunteers. If you know a child in foster care or one who is homeless and in need of clothing, hygiene items, baby items, diapers, formula, etc., SWAGG is in the community to help fight poverty and prepare homes with needed resources. They are open by appointment Wednesday–Friday. Please call 214-463-3971 to make an appointment. Caseworkers and CASA volunteers are also encouraged to call at any time for emergency needs. In addition to resources, SWAGG offers summer programs for foster and homeless children and ART Lessons for the entire community on Saturdays. Please call to inquire and book your class.

SWAGG is always in need of donations and volunteers. You may visit their website at or stop by from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday-Friday. They are currently in need of newly packaged children’s underwear, socks and hygiene items. Please contact Nikki Ranson, CEO and founder, for additional information. SWAGG Programs is here to serve our community.

To be a donor, please visit the website or call Nikki. SWAGG always values additional donors, partners and sponsors. SWAGG gives so that those who are called to give to our foster and homeless children are equipped with the needed resources to effectively support them. SWAGG supports our children! Children with SWAGG make the difference!