(BPT) - As kids get older, they'll get asked many times what they want to be when they grow up. Common answers for the littlest kids tend to be a princess, a superhero or the job their mom or dad does. And it used to be that older children would respond with high-profile jobs like doctor, lawyer or teacher.

However, the answers you’ll hear from kids today might surprise you. Today’s kids are immersed in technology from birth, making careers in these fields very attractive.

It's important for parents to have conversations with their kids about their interests, and their ideas of what a great future career might look like. These conversations can lead to job-shadowing opportunities, involvement in clubs or organizations that cater to their interests, and eventually the pursuit of a higher-education degree in the topic. Here are some ways parents can connect with their kids and talk about what they want to be when they grow up:

1. Take your son or daughter to work – The official Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is April 23, and it's a great opportunity to introduce kids to what their parents do at work. You can show your kids everything you're involved in, your workplace atmosphere and give them a better understanding of what happens when you're away at the office. If this day doesn't work into your calendar, ask your company if there is another opportunity when you can show your kids what you do at work.

2. Play The Game of Life game– Classic games like Monopoly and The Game of Life serve as great vehicles to bring families together. The Game of Life has been a favorite Hasbro game amongst kids for decades and today the game has introduced new Career Cards inspired by kids’ most wanted dream jobs. For families with kids ages 8 and older, parents can learn more about their child’s professional aspirations while playing the game. New Career Card options include more “modern choices” like singer, secret agent, professional athlete, fashion designer, inventor, chef, race car driver, dancer, police officer, firefighter and video game designer.

Use the game as a playful conversation-starter and learn more about what your kids admire most about a certain career like secret agent. Ask meaningful questions such as why are they drawn to one specific career option over another? The new career cards can help you talk with your kids about what people in those careers do. The conversation might spark an interest that you can help your kids pursue.

3. Expose them to many careers – It's easy to show kids the opportunities they have for future careers through light-hearted conversations while out around your community. Ask your friends if your kids can interview them about what they do at work. Go out in the community and discuss all the different jobs you see people doing. Make it a fun field day to create a list of all those jobs. You can also discuss what kind of training or schooling the people need for the jobs they're doing. Don't forget to point out the behind-the-scenes workers as well. For example, if you get lunch in a restaurant, there's a good chance you don't ever see the chef cooking the food.

Don't be surprised if your kids say they are interested in pursuing a career with a modern twist. Video game designer was kids’ top pick in the dream job survey conducted by Hasbro in preparation for its new The Game of Life Career Cards. However, traditional occupations like teacher and veterinarian are still popular choices among children.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is not always easy to answer for kids. By finding ways to start the conversation with your kids and exposing them to the wide range of career choices is the first step to learning about their interests and passions.

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