To the Editor,

T. J. Henley deserves strong community support for re-election to the city council of Midlothian. I support him for a number of reasons, but most important to me are his integrity, experience and vision for a better community for all of us. I have known T. J. for several years in a leadership capacity. He displays what a community leader should be, a man of faith, wonderful husband and father, and a successful businessman.     

His experience on the council has led to his having a comprehensive grasp of city finances, services, infrastructure and the community needs, which as a community volunteer this is vital in the positive growth of our community.   

In my dealings with T. J., he is always straightforward and open as to his actions and intentions, displaying and abiding goodwill toward all citizens of Midlothian and a strong believer in transparency.

I encourage citizens of Midlothian to join in re-electing T. J. Henley.        

Marilyn Jones,